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According to the 2012 Social Security Law, there are various types of leave under Myanmar Labour Law. These are the following leave type; casual leave, annual leave, medical leave, maternity, and paternity leave. Casual leave and Annual leave are the most common forms of leave. There are a couple of other leave types but these are not required by law.

Casual Leave

This type of leave is allowed to be used starting from the probation period. Every employee is entitled to 6 days a year. Casual leave may not be carried forward to the following year and cannot be used for more than 3 consecutive days at one time or in conjunction with any other leave.

Annual Leave or Earned Leave

An employee is entitled to 10 working days of annual leave (also referred to as earned leave) per year for those who have completed at least 12 months of continuous service with one employer. This type of leave can be carried over for up to 2 years from issuance. If an employee resigns, any unused annual leave will be bought out by the employer.

Medical Leave

An employee is entitled to 30 days of paid medical leave per calendar year, however they are only able to utilize it after they have completed 6 months of service with the same employer. There are also additional leave allowances in case of certain work injuries and illness. Employee may receive part of their salaries from the social security funds for those cover by social security law (2012).

Maternity and Paternity Leave

Every female employee is entitled to be paid maternity leave for 6 weeks before and 8 weeks after giving birth. If mother gives birth to twins, she is entitled to have additional four weeks of paid leave. Myanmar labour law also provide up to a maximum 6 weeks in the case of a miscarriage. Self-abortion is not provided in this type of leave as it is illegal in Myanmar. An employee may receive part of their salaries from the social security funds for those cover by social security law (2012). A father is entitled to 15 days of paternity paid leave.

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