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MP&O® was founded by the leaders of Myanmar’s best recruitment and corporate secretarial service firms to minimize legal exposure and maximize operational success for their existing clients, who consist of some of the most prominent local and multinational companies. With a combined in-market experience of more than a decade, we identified an opportunity to support local and international companies with outsourced payroll and PEO services, with ongoing value-added advisory services to build our clients confidence operating in Myanmar. When the Myanmar Government eased the restrictions of inbound foreign investment, more global players sighted Myanmar’s growth and wanted to expand to Myanmar – and helping them navigate this critical decision is where we found our own success.

MP&O® provides high touch services that remove all administrative burdens, pain-points and onerous filings with employee payroll, headcount quotas and staffing budgets. We align strategy and business continuity across all internal and external stakeholders. We know the Myanmar legal and regulatory environment better than many law firms. It’s our daily mission to continually address the changing needs of your employees and your business so you can get the most advantages from Myanmar’s rapidly evolving policy and regulatory landscape and avoid pitfalls as you embark on doing business in Myanmar.



We believe that our speed “signing to go live” is better than any one in the market.






We offer a level of flexibility in accommodating our clients’ requirements that the international suppliers cannot.



Customer Service

Our customer service outshines the others, usually giving 7 day a week services. The fact that so many large multinationals already trust us is testament to our capabilities and quality.

“Earn your success based on service to others, not at the expense of others.”

H. Jackson Brown, Jr

Why Myanmar Payroll & Outsourcing?


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We offer Payroll Services, Outsourced Staffing Services and PEO Services to local and international companies. Our PEO services support SME’S and Corporates that do not have an entity in Myanmar. Under the MP&O co-employment model our clients’ employees are registered with our licensed entity and have the flexibility to work on their projects as an extension of their company. Companies looking to have a presence in Myanmar can now outsource their employee management tasks, such as payroll and workers’ compensation, risk and safety management, employee benefits, training and development. We hire their employees, becoming their employer of record for tax and insurance purposes.

We give you an option to outsource non-core functions to free up your management time as well as desk space.
Allowing you to hire staff on the ground without setting up an entity in Myanmar
Ability to hire short or long term contractors without the necessary HR-related costs
Data Security

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