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From disorganized local banks, to mixed results in employee capacity, payroll is hardly as simple as it sounds. At MP&O, we believe our payroll service is about more than getting the amount right every time, it is about employee satisfaction and your company culture. We make sure your employees get their salary on time, so they are proud to work with your organization and feel appreciated.

Our experienced local team provides managed payroll services using a localised payroll platform developed specifically for Myanmar in consideration of local laws and regulations. 

With joint support from operations, finance and client administrative staff, our clients enjoy:

  • Fully outsourced payroll calculation and payroll administration
  • Improved efficiency and payment-date continuity
  • Greater accuracy with the right statutory payments and reporting
  • Reduced risk of non-compliance or operational disruption from government administrations
  • Increased data security and employee data confidentiality
  • A localized payroll software and payroll reports

This service is highly sought after by both international and local companies as they grow and look to streamline their operations. The added efficiency of outsourcing payroll services to MP&O have allowed our clients to put more time and effort into growing their businesses in Myanmar creating a win win solution for everyone.

MP&O is working with some of the world’s largest multinational companies supporting them with our sophisticated payroll service. We have a proven track record of successfully becoming an extension of our clients HR, working in tandem with them to ensure a smooth and efficient payroll operation that leaves their employees very satisfied every month.

If your company has just set up in Myanmar and wants to ensure your employees are fully focused on growing your business or your company has been established for a long time and want to increase the efficiency of your operations, MP&O’s Outsourced Payroll Service is right for you.

The Great Process

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