Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services

Through our sister company, MyWorld Careers, we provide best-in-class recruitment services. Myanmar is a difficult place to recruit, and MyWorld has in-depth experience in Myanmar and has quickly become the preferred choice for local and international companies to onboard the best talent. MyWorld has access to the best of the best job seekers in the marketplace and their recruitment teams constantly engage with local bi-lingual mid-career professionals to discuss professional and personal development, filtering out the best candidates for each role that needs to be filled.

If you are thinking of recruiting an entire organization for the set up of your company in Myanmar, or key strategic positions, the MyWorld team has the experience in Myanmar to support your needs.

MyWorld will handhold you through the entire recruitment and hiring process. They will engage with you to learn more about your organization and culture, discuss the job description and requirements in detail to ensure their full understanding, approach the top talent in the market and promote your company to help you get access to the best possible employees. After the conclusion of the search, we work with the candidates to ensure their resignation goes smoothly and they are able to join your organization completely focused on success in their new position.

The Myanmar recruitment landscape is very challenging to navigate. Many key job functions are extremely hard to find, or simply do not exist. By leveraging MyWorld’s in depth market knowledge, our clients are able to best position their job descriptions and organization structure to suit the available talent to ensure their success.

Myanmar recruitment agencies may all feel the same, but MyWorld’s longstanding relationships with leading organizations is proof that their recruitment processes and specialists are the most reliable of all firms.