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Anyone could be absent from work due to urgent personal or social issues that come up at short notice. Casual Leave is the legal leave with pay that you can take for urgent matters.

According to Myanmar Leave and Holidays Act (1951),
Every employee is entitled to six days of leave for a year without any reduction in their monthly pay. But employees can only take up 3 days of continued casual leave at one time. In specific situations, the employee can take more than 3 days of continuous casual leave with permission to go on an urgent trip and other religion-related reasons.

Casual leave accrues at the rate of one day for every 2 months worked. An employee is able to use their casual leave even during probation with no risk of a reduced monthly salary provided they have a valid reason for taking leave.

If there are holidays before and after casual leave, these are not counted as part of the casual leave as per Myanmar labor law.

A key point related to this type of leave is that casual leave cannot be taken together with other types of leave, such as annual leave and/or medical leave as per the Myanmar Leaves and Holidays Act. If you take casual leave first and continue the leave with other types of leave, for example, medical leave, the total leave days are classified as medical leave.

Although the law prohibits an employer to make any reductions to salary or to terminate the employee during the leave period, this doesn’t restrict the employer to take action after the leave has been completed.

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