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In this blog, I will share SSB related information as SSB is one of the must know areas for HR, employers and worker. The topics are What is SSB, existing benefits, where can it be utilized, and how to apply and calculate.

What is SSB?

SSB (Social Security Board) is the administrator of Myanmar government social security program and was created in 1956. In 2012, the government of Myanmar adopted a new social security law, 2012. We are currently using that law.

Existing benefits

For workers who apply and pay monthly, SSB fees can cover their medical care, sickness, maternity and work injury. In addition, there is the collection of contributions for the new family benefits which are educational allowance means-tested benefit, disability benefit, superannuation benefit (old age pension), survivor benefit and unemployment insurance. Additionally, the new Social Security Law, 2012, provides for the creation of a housing fund in which workers would be able to place savings and then would access rights to buy housing at a subsidized rate and with a subsidized loan.

Where can it be utilized

SSB has 77 township offices covering 110 townships in 13 states and regions. That mean all the states and regions of Myanmar expect for Chin State. There is an attachment to this blog which includes SSB townships’ address, phone number and SSB clinic address and phone number.

How to apply

A manager or HR must register workers at the local SSB office within 30 days after the business registration and each worker has to be registered at same local SSB office where the company is located. They will need a form 2 (completed by the worker), passport sized photo, NRC copy, health certificate and (if previously applied) their SSB card copy to register. Workers will then receive their SSB cards. On the back of the workers SSB card, the local SSB clinic will be listed. Finally new joiners need to register for SSB within 10 days after joining a company.

How to calculate and payment?

Social security law requires employer with 5 or more workers to contribute to the state social security scheme. SSB calculation is based on the worker’s salary. The employer must pay 3 percent and the worker must pay 2 percent, making a total of 5 percent of the worker’s salary. There is a maximum cap for the monthly salary used in the calculation of 300,000MMK. SSB payments must be paid in the following month between the 1st and 15th of the month.

See SSB office addresses and phone numbers here.

Reference link—asia/—ro-bangkok/—ilo-yangon/documents/publication/wcms_375564.pdf

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