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So far 2021 has been tougher than 2020 for many of us. In view of COVID-19 and the recent political crisis, people have been struggling just to survive and the state of the economy is now in a very desperate situation.

It has been devastating to see that many people lost their jobs and some even lost their lives, friends and family members. Many employees have been laid off, students cannot go to schools and there are thousands of children who lack support for shelter, food and medical supplies. COVID-19 and the political crisis has greatly impacted the Myanmar economy and its population. As a result, many people have lost their homes, are going hungry and in dire need of support. To make matters worse, many non-governmental organizations do not receive the support that they need due to logistic and cash issues the country is currently facing.

Witnessing all these hardships and being together with Myanmar people, we, Myanmar Payroll & Outsourcing have been trying to give a hand to people who are in need especially in this difficult situation. Last month, we reached out to the YGW organization which is based in Mandalay and provides a home to orphans. They are currently taking care of 250 children, furnishing shelter, food, medical supplies and healthcare.

Children are the future of this beautiful country and the greatest asset of a nation. Improving the early year experience of children is the best thing we can do as a society, in ensuring their future success. We believe investing in them is the only way to put the country on the road to a brighter future.

If you are of the same mind when it comes to protecting children and helping them grow, you can contact YGW, Yellow Generation Wave to support children and make society better.


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