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Every big change starts with little actions. Our sister company, MP&O contributed to society starting with a small action. On 14th December 2019, we went to Mercy Children Home which is located in Kyar Phyu Kan village, Hlegu and donated stationery supplies to the school children who are in need of education facilities and support. Unlike the other places that we went, it is situated next to the cemetery and it is not easily accessible. Even though it’s still in Yangon, it took us more than 1 hour to get to the destination. When we arrived there, the children were very joyous and sang a song for us. Seeing the happy kids with big smiles on their faces, we no longer felt tired from the journey.

We are glad that our contribution to society makes positive impact to the people and community around us. Therefore, we will keep on doing our social activities to help build a better society.


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