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professional employer organisation Services (PEO)

As your competition incorporate their businesses in Myanmar, we offer turnkey solutions to get our clients operational and competitive within 48 hours. Myanmar is a challenging place to do business, but our full range of PEO services means our clients can easily do business in the country, and with the peace of mind that they are doing everything right. Our staffing service supports small business and corporates in establishing a presence compliantly and avoiding future headaches or disruptions to operations.

Under MP&O’s co-employment, your employees are registered with our licensed entity for tax and insurance purposes and have the flexibility to work on projects as an extension of your company. Organizations looking to have a presence in Myanmar can outsource employee management tasks, such as payroll, employee benefits, and health insurance. If your organization has a head-count freeze or foreign employee quota, we help you assemble talent that gets you the most out of your organization’s Myanmar goals.

Once fully incorporated in Myanmar, we efficiently manage the end-to-end process of getting talent directly employed by our clients.

MP&O - Payroll Services


From disorganized local banks, to mixed results in employee capacity, payroll is hardly as simple as it sounds. At MP&O we believe our payroll service is about more than getting the amount right every time, it is about employee satisfaction and your company culture. We make sure your employees get their salary on time, so they are proud to work with your organization and feel appreciated.

Our experienced local team provides managed payroll services using a localised payroll platform developed specifically for Myanmar in consideration of local laws and regulations. With joint support from operations, finance and client administrative staff, our clients enjoy:

  • Fully outsourced payroll calculation and payroll administration
  • Improved efficiency and payment-date continuity
  • Greater accuracy with the right statutory payments and reporting
  • Reduced risk of non-compliance or operational disruption from government administrations
  • Increased data security and employee data confidentiality
  • A localized payroll software and payroll reports


Through our sister company, MyWorld Careers, we provide best-in-class recruitment services. Myanmar is a difficult place to recruit, and MyWorld has in-depth experience in Myanmar and has quickly become the preferred choice for local and international companies to onboard the best talent. MyWorld has access to the best of the best job seekers in the marketplace and their recruitment teams constantly engage with local bi-lingual mid-career professionals to discuss professional and personal development, filtering out the best candidates for each role that needs to be filled.

Myanmar recruitment agencies may all feel the same, but our longstanding relationships with leading organizations is proof that our recruitment processes and specialists are the most reliable of all firms.

MP&O - Recruitment Services
MP&O - Recruitment Services


To ensure full compliance and enhanced employee retention, outsourcing has now become the preferred choice for many companies operating in Myanmar. We understand times have changed and there are new ways of managing a workforce. Traditional ways of engaging talent and the emergence of remote working have re-defined the necessity of a large in-house HR team.

Let us reduce exposure to penalties associated with non-compliance through the following services:

  • Consultation and recommendation of foreign and local worker status
  • Review of all legislative documentation, employee contracts and respective registrations
  • Evaluation of compensation and benefits, salary benchmarking and organizational structure
  • Assessment of onboarding processes and administration of full- or part- time employees
  • Review of insurance policies, risk and indemnification when working on client projects, on- and off- site

When we focus on the details, you can more quickly and efficiently grow your sales, business or brand in Myanmar. These are processes with which we are intimately familiar, due to our experience living and working in Myanmar, our dedication to following all regulatory movements, and the MP&O® blend of international and Myanmar experts.


Our immigration services and work visa services range from initial business visa processing to stay permit application for foreign professionals that hold good credentials in both education and industry knowledge. In recent years, the government has been increasingly scrutinizing employment status of foreign workers and our mission is to ensure that our clients never fall under such scrutiny due to a convoluted administrative process.

We regularly stay up to date on how the immigration department and related ministries manage these processes in order to support our clients’ employees with foreign registration and worker status.  Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Business visa application and extension
  • Stay permit application and renewal with DICA, MIC and CBM
  • Worker card registration and renewal
  • FRC and Form C registration and audit
  • Interim sponsorship between employers
MP&O - Visa & Immigration Services
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