When is it the right time to outsource?

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Have you ever thought that parts of your HR department need outsourcing? If yes, I can help you with these indicators to know the right time to this step.

Is your HR team’s entire focus is administration and operations?

If your HR team is spending time on the data entry, manual calculations, keeping the soft and hard files of documents, visiting government offices etc, your HR resources are not being fully utilized to the benefit of the organization. We can understand that these are part of the HR function, but not the most beneficial function for your organization. If your HR is focusing on this part of function how can they focus on the the most beneficial. So, it is time to look for the outsourcing service to allow your HR team to have the greatest impact on your business.

Do your HR staff have to cover the responsibilities of others?

Covering or helping team members are good things, but we must think why is this happening??? One of the reasons why is they have too much extra work. Each team member will have their own duties and responsibilities. Being able to support team members when there is a need is a good thing from time to time but happening all the time highlights inefficiencies in the team or individual’s processes and will lead to delays in work and also can damage employee relation. If this directly relates to more of the operational activities of HR, outsourcing them will greatly improve your team’s efficiency, and can improve employee relationship.

Does your HR team have to work overtime?

In Myanmar labor law, employee’s working hours are 8 hours a day. If an employee has to work over 8 hours for a day, they are entitled to overtime. Did you think why your employee has to work overtime every day? Here is a reason, it can be work, meeting and email overload. So, why? Maybe you have extra work or don’t have a systematic and process driven working environment. Having staff work overtime often is not a long term solution. It can affect your employee productivity, motivation and sometimes health. As the research shows, employee who have enough rest time and are working happily are generally more productive than the overworked and stressed ones. This is one of the main reasons to start using outsourcing service.

Can your HR team provide the right level of customer service to your business?

You may ask why does my HR need to give customer service and who are their customers. Let me answer your question, “THE EMPLOYEE”: the management level, staff level, and all levels of employee are their customers. Building customer or employee relation is one of the main core functions of HR. If your HR can’t give enough customer service and build enough communication level your organization will be greatly affected. You may face some of the internal problems, your employee may not trust the organization, they may lose motivation etc from something as simple as their salary being a day late. Most of the companies are facing some problems such as the employees may think HR are not working for the employee and employer equally. They may also think, they cannot ask anything to HR because HR are too busy with administration work only. That’s why they hire employee relations specialist to avoid this kind of situation.

These are four reasons to indicate your HR should start using outsourcing services. Sometimes we are thinking too much and not dare to try something new. We will never know until we try. If you are facing any of these four problems, I want you to advise to start discussions with an outsourcing service provider. I hope this article will help you create a strong HR department for your organization.

Hsu Yee Lin

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