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Every individual employee’s performance affects the growth of your business in many ways. It can either lead to the success or failure of your business. Obviously, you will also want a continuous improvement in quality with great outcome and efficiency in your work force. So, here I would like to share some ways to boost your employee’s performance and ways to help them be a lot more productive.

• Clear Instructions and Goals
• Measuring of Employee Performance
• Continuous Communication
• Training
• A Positive Working Environment

Clear Instructions and Goals

First of all, you might want to give a clear set of goals and instructions based on their job responsibilities, it can help your employees better understand their job and can direct them to perform well. That way, they can be more productive as they have something to measure their activity against and it can lead to better performance compared to others.

Measuring of Employee Performance

Always measure your employees’ performance so you will have a good idea and see which part they are lacking in and you may know what to do to help them grow and improve. How much does your employee accomplish in an average day, month, or quarter? Does your employee contribute something unique to their role that brings the company added value? The specifics of these metrics will differ depending on the specific job function.

Continuous Communication

Having continuous communication with your employees on the goals set and a regular review on their performance, will help you identify the employee’s potential to grow and, also to see if they are underperforming in the specific period. Through the measurement and reviews, you also want to share what you are expecting from them or maybe more from them. You can also do this casually by having coffee breaks or casual chat meetings with your employees, where you can talk about problems, help them out when needed, or answer any random questions that they may have.


Depending on their level, knowledge, or performance, you can prepare specific training to leverage their growth. If you invest in employee skills, you will foster loyalty to your company and build your bench of future leaders.

A Positive Working Environment

A positive working environment, a positive energy can surely motivate employees and can be more productive overall. Think about how different you feel when the space around you is clean and tidy and the people around you are motivating and positive. Also, create an environment where your employees feel comfortable to ask for your feedback, review, or whatever.
Employee performance is determined by both physical, emotional, and practical factors. By cultivating healthy and open communication, creating concrete goals, and providing ongoing training, employees will be empowered and motivated to achieve, grow, and succeed.

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