Tips HR department should implement to help Your Employees Succeed

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Choosing the most qualified candidates for a company is the one of the most important tasks of HR. And HR is the very first contact person with the employees like the mother of the baby. So, HR can play an integral role to help your employees succeed. So, here are the tips.

Employee Onboarding

Onboarding is one of the most important things to help new employees adapt to the company’s organization and culture. Generally, there are setting expectations, creating a clear definition of roles and boundaries, building relationships with other employees, creating confidence and trust. Like the Myanmar proverb “a good beginning ensures a satisfactory ending”. HR should help the employee make sure everything is enjoyable and they fully understand their place in the organization on the first day of the job.

Career Planning

HR obviously has to focus on making the business succeed, and no business will succeed without capable and motivated employees. That is why HR should focus not only for the company business but also for the employee individual career & goals. If an employee only works for salary, you will only get performance that equals their salary. However, to get better results you have to show you care about them. Discussing the employee’s strength and weakness with their line manager or supervisor and also provide the necessary training support can help the employees perform better and is a key responsibility of HR.

Help Resolve Issues of Conflict

Make sure you have Clarity and Consistency with your policies and procedures for every employee, also with minor problems. Also make sure all employees are accountable for resolving conflict not only the manager and HR. The employee should be involved in the part of the solution; however, HR and managers should mediate and give guidance when necessary. Don’t ignore conflict even if it is a minor issue. If we ignore them, they might become a major issue one day. Avoiding conflict won’t fix anything. Also encourage your employees to speak out about conflict. Some conflict may have emotional based problems that HR and/or managers need to understand to recognize the root of the problem. Recognition of the conflict is the first step towards the the resolution, and it is a good chance to learn more about your employees at the same time.

Personal Problems

Although extremely relevant given the current situation in Myanmar, HR should also help your employees manage their personal problems. Most people feel hopeless, guilty, cannot focus on their job etc when there are major problems in their lives. Given them the peace of mind that they can come to HR with their problems creates a level of security that is essential for employees. Making sure that HR is available outside of work hours to help employees as well will often result in an issue being resolved before an employee spends the entire night or weekend thinking and worrying about it causing them excess stress and anxiety. Without this extended access to support their work can be greatly affected by careless mistakes etc. Having a strong relationship with the employees, keeping in regular contact with them really does make a difference.

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