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I have shared the three types of services companies outsource the most “Finance, Legal and HR Service”. Here is the link to that blog; “What do companies outsource the most?“. This is part two and, in this blog, I will share three other types of services companies outsource regularly.

Information Technology

Changes with technology have the biggest impact on how a business operates and getting a grasp on these changes is one of the top challenges that businesses face and this is felt to a greater extent in a developing market. A professional IT provider will help manage the network, users, services and devices etc. Hiring an external IT provider can reduce costs in many ways, 

1) By having better control over software licenses because they often are more informed negotiators and can leverage their other clients’ pricing, 

2) If you are a smaller organization that has no need for a full-time staff member, you are paying a reduced cost to have someone available only when you need them. On top of this, they meet deadlines because of contractual SLAs allowing you better peace of mind.

Administrative Tasks and Customer Service

2020 saw most companies around the world adopt a work from home model in an attempt to keep their businesses running and growing. By leveraging technology, companies have been able to hire virtual assistances and there is no longer the stigma of having someone working for you who is not in the office. Hiring a virtual assistant who can handle inbox management or who can schedule social media posting can reduce the cost of having a department in workplace. And if your business is mostly online or over the phone, you can outsource your customer service by giving very clear guidelines to the outsourced company on how to handle customer inquiries. By outsourcing your administrative tasks, your business can reduce workplace related costs and have liability protection which protects your organization from unnecessary risk. By outsourcing customer services, you don’t have to train your employees and also you will often have a 24/7 services without the costs of expensive equipment, phone bills, and internet etc.

Corporate Events

Outsourcing your corporate events allow your employees to work more productively without being sidetracked with tasks they are not familiar with. An experienced event organization will have strong relationship with the best hotel, center, speaker, entertainment provider etc. You will also be able to budget the event better as your event management company has much more knowledge about pricing and can give you a more accurate quote. You don’t have to worry about everything behind the scenes during the event, free to focus on your colleagues, clients and guests.

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